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The Sophia Saly School Built…

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In exactly 6 days (April 20th 2014) when the Cambodian school year begins, the SOPHIA SALY SCHOOL will officially open. We think think the building is beautiful but it is nothing compared to the kids that will walk through her doors.  Flowers, plants and trees still need to be planted. Signs still need to be made and go up. But we will be ready.

Thank you to every single person that helped make this dream come true. To the volunteers that came, I hope you never forget the wonder in your eyes and in your heart during the project. It was our best one yet. To people who wish to support us by fundraising or volunteering please email us at to find out how you can help and what our next projects will be. Like everything we do it will be from the heart and will be one of the craziest things you will probably do. Here are some hints: A 1,000km Tuk Tuk Rally across the breadth and soul of a nation, a thrill seeking adventure type live game, film making and cooking classes, the birth of a photography school on a beach (where else), a music festival complete with drones, and the creation of a business that will rock your world. Just to name a few.

Watch our official project video by clicking here.

Read us in The Age by clicking here.

To view some more photos of the project click here and here.


The Sophia Saly Walkathon a huge success…

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Dear Walkathon walkers and sponsors,

I would like to take the time to say thank you for your support during BTP’s Sophia Saly Walkathon 2013.

The final amount raised from this walkathon was an incredible and unbelievable $54,156! Soon, we will embark on the school build project and we will surely let you know how it goes.

This project and this journey has grown beyond anything I imagined possible. Learning to love someone from afar is not an easy task. Thank you for letting us share Sophia’s story and embracing it with such love. There’s nothing more a person can say in such an embrace, except, thank you.

If you would like to read more about our story, we were featured on pages 2-3 of The Age:

Here’s a little video I made of a ‘Once in a Lifetime Kind of Girl’. She reminds me everyday, even in the saddest of times, there is always room for smiles.

On behalf of BabyTree and the Saly Family,
Koky Saly


BabyTree founder Koky Saly in The Age.

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If you are unable to read this picture you may read the article by clicking here.