Below is a selection of videos that have been made by us or for us. They help tell our story and our work. Enjoy!

The first video Koky made to try and gather support in the very early years:


A trailer for “A Khmer tale” an hour long documentary made  for the project in Sophy village:


The trailer for our ‘Life is Beautiful’ short video.


Behind the scenes footage of our ‘Life is Beautiful’ short video


Koky’s Triple R Radio interview:


We discovered some amazing talent in the schools. These girls show us they can sing:

Duncan, one of our volunteers talks about his experience:

Dennis talks about his experience during our most recent project 2012.


An interview Koky and Takeshi give to an TV show in Japan for their photography fundraiser in Tokyo:

Our first children help children project. These children from Japan make and sell badges to build a well. They needed to sell 100 badges to raise enough money. They sold this and more in less than 2hrs:


A 30 second radio promo for our trivia night event in Melbourne:

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yorn chea

October 12, 2013 at 8:30 am

It is really wonderful you are doing for my village, my name is Yorn Chea, i was born this village, It is long time ago that this village didn’t receive the good education. Please continuous to it more and more, otherwise please focus on the teachers and check them to make sure do they really teach regularly or not.
I think the teachers are still obey to their position as teacher yet
Thanks alot for your helping the kids there on behalf i am a man who was born in there.
your best regard
yorn Chea

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