The BabyTree Projects committee (Australia)

Koky Saly – Founder and President


Koky Saly was born in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime in a temple that had been converted to a prison camp for pregnant women. This is where his mother was kept and where he spent the first three years of his life. After escaping Cambodia with his family, Koky found himself in Australia but never forgot all the people that helped his family and himself which enabled them to survive. Koky has a degree in Performing Arts, an Honours degree in Media Arts and a Master’s in International Development. He founded BabyTree Projects in 2007 in Australia, Cambodia and Japan. He believes in freedom, a sense of humour, finding beauty in the smallest things and happiness.

Lucy Berry – Vice-President


Lucy Berry is a Melbourne-based writer and NGO worker. She has a Master’s in International development and really believes we can change the world for the better … but hopes you won’t hold that against her.

Claire McRae – Treasurer


Claire was a founding member of BabyTree Projects in Australia during 2007 and has been a committee member and volunteer on each project since then. For several years she was Vice-President where her major role was keeping Koky sane and on track. Recently she has taken the reins as Treasurer because, as she happily declares, no one else wanted to do it. Claire’s professional background is in engineering and she completed a Master of Business Administration in 2009. This has mainly improved her ability to identify and deflect people with high levels of unjustified arrogance before they join the charity. Her fellow committee members are most grateful to her for this.

Mitchell Miller – Secretary


Mitchell is a lawyer based in Melbourne, but he’s really much more interesting than that makes him sound. He has been involved with BabyTree Projects since 2008, when he helped build our Peam village school.

Dennis Adonis – Technical Officer



Dennis looks after the tech stuff like the website, but likes to get his hands dirty with building schools and helping with the fundraising too! He has an MBA and is doing another Master’s, this time in Information Systems. Masochist!


Dennis talking about his experience during our Sambour Village Project 2012.

Profiles and pictures of our people in Cambodia coming soon!

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