Life is Beautiful – Dance video

In Jan/Feb 2011 Koky and three volunteers went to Anlong Kraing village to conduct dance workshops. We wanted to explorer ideas of freedom and happiness through dance. We expected to teach children, but what happened instead was that the children taught us. They reminded us that ‘Life is Beautiful’. The video is completed but not available online. You may purchase a copy by emailing us. In the meantime watch the trailer here:

Our volunteer Cha helps one of our students prepare for a scene.

One of the girls in the video in a poster making class for the video.

Two boys practice the waltz in front of the school we built in 2010.

Holding the posters they made in class. It spells out HOPE.

Elaine helps one of the girls to wash her hair.

Duncan gives a child a toy.

Elaine surrounded by some of the kids!

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