Sambour Village Project 2011-2012

In the month of Dec 2011 and Jan 2012 a group of volunteers went to live and work in Sambour village , Cloud district in Cambodia. The aim was to build a secondary school and conduct workshops as well as build on the relationship we have with the community. We are happy to say that it was an amazing experience. We were allowed to live on the village temple grounds which is a huge privilege. Below are some pictures. We wish we could post more. You can join us on Facebook to access more of our photos!

Claire and Rosie help in the building process. Today’s job was to move rocks to create the floors of the rooms.

Kenny starts brick laying. No previous building experience required. Just heart and soul 😉

Tyrone and Wayne discuss a workshop they will be assisting in.

Two students role play during an English class conducted by our volunteers.

The children clap the volunteers in on the day of the school blessing ceremony.

Children carry mango trees across the school yard.

Jono enjoys a game of volleyball with the builders after a hard days work on the construction site.

Lana holds the amazingly yummy rice porridge during one of our movie-under-the-stars night. For some children it will be the first movie they see!

The school half built!

The school finished it’s beautiful!!!

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