BabyTree Projects (BTP) primarily relies on fundraising activities run by its members and volunteers, as well as private donations from its supporters to fund various school projects in Cambodia. Fundraising activities include trivia nights, chocolate and wine drives, art auctions, walkathons, charity parties and dinners. The fundraising events, in addition to raising much needed funds, give BTP the chance to tell its story, describe the plight of children in rural Cambodia and the importance of education, and involve our many dedicated and brilliant volunteers in their home countries.  BTP’s funds are also supplemented by sponsorships and donations from businesses local to fundraising activities.

Many of BTP’s fundraising activities revolve around the project that is being planned for that year.  Each volunteer for that project is given a fundraising target (approx. USD$2000) which they achieve through running fundraising events, and supporting and running in our many activities.  Our dedicated members and long term volunteers are also critical to reaching our fundraising targets.  A typical project includes the following costs:

School building (through contracted builders) :     USD$25,000 – $35,000

Chairs and tables:                                                          USD$2,000 – $4,000

Toilets:                                                                             USD$2,000 – $4,000

Well (if required):                                                          USD$1500 – $3000

School garden:                                                                USD$100

Volunteer food, transport and accommodation:     USD$2,000 approx.

Other project costs:                                                       USD$800 approx.

School Blessing Ceremony:                                         USD$1000

Total:                                                                                USD$42,000 approx.

BTP also has ongoing costs every month that fund our activities that support existing school projects, including monitoring and evaluation, and scouting for new schools and projects.  In 2012 BTP engaged its first employee based in Siem Reap which will enhance our activities immensely and free up our volunteers there to concentrate on their areas of interest and expertise.  Common monthly costs for BTP are between USD$800 – $1000 per month, when a building project is not active.  So you can see how much of a difference each donation can make, here are our approximate monthly costs:

Wages and staff overheads:            USD$400

Transport and office costs:             USD$100

Supplementary teacher’s wages    USD$150

English teacher:                                USD$120

BTP’s running costs may also cover school supplies, incidentals for visiting volunteers (although this is usually at their own cost), breakfast programs or library books.  These activities are chosen on the current needs of each of the schools in improving the quality of education and are funded by private donations, sponsorships and fundraising activities.

BTP is a small, grassroots organisation, and as such each dollar we receive is carefully allocated and goes directly towards the goal of improving the quality of education for the several thousand children who attend the schools that we assist.

BTP has no office outside Cambodia and operates internationally through a network of volunteers in Australia, Canada, the USA, and Japan. In Cambodia we have volunteers and one paid employee.  This means that all funds raised and any donations you make are directed towards projects and school support activities in Cambodia.

To see our latest Annual Education Result Report 2011-2012 please click here.

Donations can be made through PayPal, our community or bank transfers (in Australia and Cambodia). All this information is on the donations page. If you have further questions please contact

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