About Us

BabyTree Projects was born from the story of Koky Saly and his family, who came to Australia as refugees from Cambodia in 1980. Since 2007, when Koky returned to Cambodia as an adult, determined to make a difference for kids, BabyTree Projects has built five schools in rural areas.

BabyTree Projects is a registered not-for-profit in Australia and Cambodia.


Our Vision

A world where children are filled with hope and can create the life they want.

Our Mission

  1. To empower children we work with in rural Cambodia through access to quality education.
  2. To give children and the community in Australia the opportunity to connect with children in rural Cambodia through our work.

Our Values

    • All our work is based on:
      • Genuine relationships and trust
      • Accountability and transparency
      • Respect and integrity
      • Creativity and innovation





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Shane Woon

March 6, 2012 at 11:42 am

Hi Baby Tree Projects,

I am a teacher from Kooweerup Secondary College and I am looking to make my home group more aware of the world around them and how lucky they are to have an education. My friends volunteered for Baby Tree recently and it sounds like a project that I could get them involved in through fundraising.

Any tips or resources would be great.

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