Throughout the years we have had lots of amazing support. We could not have done our work without this help. We would like to introduce them here. Their profiles are being written up now…but for now let’s begin with an extraordinary photographer. Please click on the images to go to our sponsors website.

Tamara Kenneally Photography

Tamara Kenneally Photography believes all children should be given a chance to grow up to be who they want to be, to live how they want to live and to choose what they want to choose. For many children in Cambodia, circumstances take such chances away. Baby Tree Projects is helping Cambodian children to find their dreams, happiness and hope through the gift of education. A group of committed, passionate and dedicated volunteers builds schools which, in turn, empower children with the knowledge and confidence to help them build a future for themselves and their families that is full of happiness and full of choices. BabyTree Projects are making the world a better place for Cambodian children and their families.


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